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SHOWS & EXHIBITIONS: I've been a photographer - mostly as a professional journalist - for almost 50 years. Until the last decade, I never displayed my work - other than what ran in one of my newspapers - for anyone other than immediate family. In 2010, my daughter convinced me to join her in her home/studio as part of the East Austin Studio Tour. Since then, I've taken part in another E.A.S.T. and a separate show in Austin, exhibited my work on a number of occasions at the Downtown Tyler ArtWalk and created this website. It's been a great ride. Here's where I've been. Since retiring I have joined the Rowlett Texas Photography Club; so who know where you might see me next.

Downtown Tyler ArtWalk: Thanks to everyone who came out to see my photos at those early ArtWalks in downtown Tyler. In two years, the event grew to become a major Saturday quarterly festival. The crowds were great, and my venues were fun - everything from the lobby at Liberty Hall to the State Farm office to the Pilates studio. It was great. I took part in five ArtWalks before they were discontinued to make way for other events.

East Austin Studio Tour, over two weekends in November. In 2010, I was one of about 250 artists in 150 studios, and my story was told on video by KLRU, the local PBR station. The number of artists and venues in E.A.S.T kept growing in 2011 and 2012. It was lots of fun; a good show. I displayed my photos at the home/studio of my daughter Christina and her husband Errek Hill, and I was one of a half dozen or more of their artist friends who joined us for those weekends of fun. Then, they got too deep into the total restoration of their home and took a well-deserved breather. When their next big project comes to fruition, they will be back on the E.A.S.T. tour.

CulinArt 2011, A Gala of Surreal Fantasy, was Feb. 17, 2011, in Austin. It benefited the Wright House Wellness Center. Organizers saw my work at E.A.S.T. and asked me to donate a photo to the silent auction. My photo Paintballs Not Bullets, was awarded an honorable mention and earned me a place in a special exhibition at the Pump Project June 11-24, 2011.

Wright House Culinart Winning Artists Exhibition, ran from June 11-25, 2011, at the Pump Project Art Complex in East Austin. I met some wonderful people and displayed some of my photos alongside the work of three other award-winning artists.

Other displays of my work: One of my photos, Got Your Back, is on display in the Vietnam gallery of the American Freedom Museum in Bullard, TX. That same photo is also in the lobby of the Texas State Veterans Home north of Tyler, TX.'

The Rowlett Texas Photography Club is my newest photo interest, and I have taken part in a number of meetings, presentations and PhotoWalks. I don't display my work as much these days, but I have bought a new lens and set my sights on learning astrophotography. So, watch this space.

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